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    How to generate JMeter HTML Dashboard Report?

    Apache Jmeter

    There are 2 ways to generate report. 

    Using GUI Mode: 

    1. Firstly, create one folder for output.

    In JMeter Go to Tools -> Generate HTML Report

    2. Firstly on Result File put the CSV file path where our result is stored

    3. In User.properties file section mentions the location of the user.properties file

    The user.properties file is located in the JMETER_HOME/bin folder. This file is included with the JMeter installation and can be used to customize the Results File Configuration. 

    If it is installed using Homebrew in Mac , the location would be "/opt/homebrew/Cellar/jmeter/5.6.2/libexec/bin/user.properties"

    4. In the output, directory put the newly created folder path.

    5. Now, Click on the Generate Report and our report is generated.

    Jmeter HTML Report
    Jmeter HTML Report

    6. Now open the folder which we created and we got out HTML report, so simply open the HTML report

    Using Non GUI Mode:

    1. Open cmd and navigate to bin folder

    2. For Windows, run the command
    jmeter -n -t path/test_name -l path/file_name.jtl -e -o path/file_name

    3. For Linux, run the command
    ./jmeter.sh -n -t path/test_name -l path/file_name.jtl -e -o path/file_name

    4. Now open the folder which we created and we got out HTML report, so simply open the HTML report

    The HTML Report provides the following metrics:

    1. APDEX (Application Performance Index) table that computes for every transaction the APDEX based on configurable values for tolerated and satisfied thresholds

    2. A request summary graph showing the Success and failed requests (Transaction Controller Sample Results are not taken into account) percentage

    3. A Statistics table providing in one table a summary of all metrics per transaction including 3 configurable percentiles

    4. An error table providing a summary of all errors and their proportion in the total requests

    Happy Load Testing.

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