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    Jmeter: HTML Report generation error: does not contain the field names header, ensure the jmeter.save.saveservice.* properties are the same as when the CSV

     While generating HTML report for Jmeter runs, I cam across this error. 


    Jmeter error
    Jmeter Error


    1. The property responsible for storing header in .jtl results file is. Make sure you have that parameter in "user.properties" file.


    the possible values are true - print the header, and false - don't print it.

    2. As of now you can generate HTML dashboard only from CSV files, XML files are not supported. So check your "result configuration". It should not have exported XML data.

    result configuration
    result configuration
    3. Uncheck all XML data and Click on Done.
    4. After that run "Generate report again", It should go through.

    Happy Load Testing.

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