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    Azure OpenAI Error Codes and their possible Solution

    Error codes

    This guide includes an overview on error codes you might see from both the API and our official Python library. Each error code mentioned in the overview has a dedicated section with further guidance. The Error codes for Azure OpenAI and OpenAI are Same.


    APIError 24 Cause Issue on OpenAI side.
    Timeout 14 Cause Request timed out.
    APIConnectionError 4 Cause Issue connecting to our services.
    InvalidRequestError 9 Cause: Your request was malformed or missing some required parameters.
    AuthenticationError 5 Cause Your API key or token was invalid, expired, or revoked.
    PermissionError 3 Cause Your API key or token does not have the required permissions
    RateLimitError 9 Cause You have hit your assigned rate limit.
    ServiceUnavailableError 7 Cause Issue on our servers.

    API errors

    400 - Invalid Request Error

    403 - Tokens Exceeded Error

    403 - Permission Error

    404 - Not Found Error

    401 - Invalid Authentication
    Cause: Your request was malformed or missing some required parameters.
     Max token limit Exceeded

    Cause: Azure OpenAI Permission Error

     Azure OpenAI Endpoint Not Found

     Invalid Authentication
    Solution: Ensure the correct API key and requesting organization are being used.
    401 - Incorrect API key providedCause: The requesting API key is not correct.
    Solution: Ensure the API key used is correct, clear your browser cache, or generate a new one.
    401 - You must be a member of an organization to use the APICause: Your account is not part of an organization.
    Solution: Contact us to get added to a new organization or ask your organization manager to invite you to an organization.
    429 - Rate limit reached for requestsCause: You are sending requests too quickly.
    Solution: Pace your requests. Read the Rate limit guide.
    429 - You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing detailsCause: You have run out of credits or hit your maximum monthly spend.
    Solution: Buy more credits or learn how to increase your limits.
    500 - The server had an error while processing your requestCause: Issue on our servers.
    Solution: Retry your request after a brief wait and contact us if the issue persists. Check the status page.
    503 - The engine is currently overloaded, please try again laterCause: Our servers are experiencing high traffic.
    Solution: Please retry your requests after a brief wait.

    408 -     Timeout

                                                Cause : The current quotas and limits could be causing your                                                 operations to timeout.
                                                Solution: Check OpenAI Logs for More details

    Reference: https://platform.openai.com/docs/guides/error-codes/api-errors


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