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    How to Copy a Local Folder to an S3 Bucket

    How to Copy a Local Folder to an S3 Bucket 

    Use the s3 sync command with the source directory and destination bucket as inputs to copy the files from a local folder to an S3 bucket.

    Let's examine a scenario where files are copied from the current directory to an S3 bucket.

    Run the s3 sync command in the directory where the files you wish to copy are located in your terminal.

    aws s3 sync . s3://YOUR_BUCKET

    You can also pass the directory as an absolute path, for example:

    # on Linux or macOS
    aws s3 sync /home/john/Desktop/my-folder s3://YOUR_BUCKET
    # on Windows
    aws s3 sync C:\Users\USERNAME\my-folder s3://YOUR_BUCKET

    Run the command in test mode by including the —dryrun argument to ensure that it behaves as you anticipate. As a result, we are able to display the command's output without really executing it.

    aws s3 sync . s3://YOUR_BUCKET --dryrun

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