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    How to configure lambda reserved concurrency

     How to Configure reserved concurrency

    To manage reserved concurrency settings for a function, use the Lambda console.

    To reserve concurrency for a function

    1. Open the Functions page of the Lambda console.

    2. Choose a function.

    3. Choose Configuration and then choose Concurrency.

    4. Under Concurrency, choose Edit.

    5. Choose Reserve concurrency. Enter the amount of concurrency to reserve for the function.

    6. Choose Save.

    To configure reserved concurrency with the AWS CLI, use the put-function-concurrency command. The following command reserves a concurrency of 100 for a function named my-function:

    aws lambda put-function-concurrency --function-name my-function --reserved-concurrent-executions 100

    You should see the following output:

    { "ReservedConcurrentExecutions": 100 }

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