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    How to start & stop a Checkmk site?

     A site can be started or stopped. The start type is automatic, which means that a started site is also restarted after a reboot of the computer. 

    1. Check the status of all of the individual processes that are necessary to operate the site. You can easily check this with the command omd status.

    OMD[mysite]:~$ omd status
    mkeventd:       stopped
    liveproxyd:     stopped
    mknotifyd:      stopped
    rrdcached:      stopped
    cmc:            stopped
    apache:         stopped
    dcd:            stopped
    redis:          stopped
    crontab:        stopped
    Overall state:  stopped

    2. Start the site with omd start.

    OMD[mysite]:~$ omd start
    Creating temporary filesystem /omd/sites/mysite/tmp...OK
    Starting mkeventd...OK
    Starting liveproxyd...OK
    Starting mknotifyd...OK
    Starting rrdcached...OK
    Starting cmc...OK
    Starting apache...OK
    Starting dcd...OK
    Starting redis...OK
    Initializing Crontab...OK

    3. Check the site status again. It should show  all services as running:

    OMD[mysite]:~$ omd status
    mkeventd:       running
    liveproxyd:     running
    mknotifyd:      running
    rrdcached:      running
    cmc:            running
    apache:         running
    dcd:            running
    redis:          running
    crontab:        running
    Overall state:  running

    4. Stop the site. 

    Checkmk stop site

    5. Check the site status again. It should show  all services as stopped:

    checkmk stopped site

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