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    How to Change checkmk admin password?

    How to Change checkmk admin password?


    When you create the checkmk site  an administrative Checkmk user named cmkadmin is automatically created when the site is created. This user is for logging into the web interface in Checkmk and has been given a random password. You need to note down this password. If you have not saved or forgot the password, then you need to change the password. Here are the steps to reset that password:

    Our site name is "mysite".

    1. Login as the site user.

    root@linux$ su - mysite

    2. Now Change the password.

    OMD[mysite]:~$ htpasswd -m etc/htpasswd cmkadmin
    New password: *****
    Re-type new password: *****
    Updating password for user cmkadmin

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