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    Ansible: the role 'xxxx' was not found in xxxx



    ERROR! the role 'geerlingguy.docker' was not found in /manasmonitoring/devops-stack/ansible-role-docker/molecule/default/roles:xxxx


    It Means the defined role is not found. Either you verify the correct role name in your Yaml file or you do not have the specified the role available. in my case it was latter. I do not have the geerlingguy.docker role installed. To solve this issue you need to install the role.

    [root@ansibleserver devops-stack]# ansible-galaxy install geerlingguy.docker
    - downloading role 'docker', owned by geerlingguy
    - downloading role from https://github.com/geerlingguy/ansible-role-docker/archive/2.6.0.tar.gz
    - extracting geerlingguy.docker to /etc/ansible/roles/geerlingguy.docker
    - geerlingguy.docker (2.6.0) was installed successfully
    [root@ansibleserver devops-stack]# ls

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