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    What is /mnt/resource file system in the Linux server hosted in Microsoft Azure?

    What is /mnt/resource file system in the Linux server hosted in Microsoft Azure?

    This a temporary disk mounted in linux Machines hosted in Microsoft Azure.  This is located in /dev/sdb1 disk.
    root$df -h /mnt/resource
    Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
    /dev/sdb1        55G   39G   14G  75% /mnt/resource

     This temporary disk is configured in the Microsoft azure Linux Guest agent configuration file "/etc/waagent.conf". 
     root$cat /etc/waagent.conf  | grep -i resource
    # Format if unformatted. If 'n', resource disk will not be mounted.
    # File system on the resource disk
    # Mount point for the resource disk
    # Create and use swapfile on resource disk.

     The temporary storage present on the physical machine that hosting the VM. As you know the VM can be moved to a different physical host at any point of time due to various reasons. When this happens the VM will be recreated on the new host using the OS disk. Any data saved on the previous temporary drive will not be migrated and you will be assigned a temporary drive on the new host. So the temporary disk is host specific and do not migrate with the Hosts. The temporary disk size vary in accordance to the selected VM size. The temporary storage provided with each VM has no extra cost associated with it for storage space as well as for transactions. This temporary storage is used to save the system paging file. This file system is good to store the data that the user can afford to loose at any point of time.

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