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    All File Ownership shows as nobody:nobody in NFSv4 Mount

    All File Ownership shows  as nobody:nobody in NFSv4 Mount.

    From the client, the mounted NFSv4 share has ownership for all files and directories listed as nobody:nobody instead of the actual user that owns them on the NFSv4 server, or who created the new file and directory. Following Error also appearing in the /var/log/messages :

    nfsidmap[60565]: nss_getpwnam: name 'oracle@exampleserver.local' does not map into domain 'srv.local

    Edit the /etc/idmapd.conf file and add the "Domain = exampleserver.local" in the General section on both the client and server. 
    On the RHEL 6.2 and older, we need to restart the rpcidmapd service and remount the NFSv4 filesystem.

    # service rpcidmapd restart
    # mount -o remount <NFS Mount Point>

    On RHEl 6.3 and higher, we need to clear the idmapd cache after matching Domain name and matching UID/GID's on Server and Client.
    To clear the idmapd cache we need to run following command.
     # nfsidmap -c

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