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    systemd-journald Failed to write entry

    systemd-journald Failed to write entry

    [9041067.117706] systemd-journald[4144]: Failed to write entry (19 items, 1223 bytes), ignoring: Cannot assign requested address

    1. Run journalctl --verify
    [root@example.com tmp]# journalctl --verify
    57c81f0: invalid object
    File corruption detected at /run/log/journal/f57e5dd5d0c8485ab00b73e93d6fe09c/system.journal:57c81f0 (of 92274688 bytes, 99%).
    FAIL: /run/log/journal/f57e5dd5d0c8485ab00b73e93d6fe09c/system.journal (Cannot assign requested address)

    2. Corrupted files will show up.

    3. remove the corrupted files.

    rm /run/log/journal/f57e5dd5d0c8485ab00b73e93d6fe09c/system.journal

    4. restart Journald service.

    systemctl restart systemd-journald.service

    5. Run journalctl --verify again.

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