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    How to Use SSH Tunnel as Proxy?

    Ever Wondered that How to browse through the remote server using it as a Proxy. So, the Communication will be happening from the Public IP of remote Computer.

                          1.      Access the remote server through putty. You can download Putty from here.

                    2.      Now go to connection à SSH à Tunnels. All required points are highlighted in the below picture.

                  3.      Choose Dynamic and Source Port. In this case the source port is 9999. Then click on “Add” and “D9999” will appear in Forwarded Port Lists.
                  4.      Go to Session and click on Open.

                 5.      Give the Credential and Login to the remote server.
             6.      Then Go the Browser and take note of the Public IP.

                    7.      In firefox browser, go to tools à options à advanced. 
                    8.      Go to Network tab and click on Settings button.

                        9.      Check on “Manual Proxy Configuration” and add SOCKS Host “”. Port as “9999” . Choose “SOCKS v5”. Click OK.
                  10.      Now check the Public IP again.

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