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    LVM Reduce the File system in 7 steps

    To reduce the File system we need to make follow below given steps.  We need to remember, that before reducing the Logical volume we need to reduce the FS. Wondering How , Please follow:

    1. We need to do the  operation on the highlighted file system. i.e /diskpart8

    2. I tried online shrinking,  it denied me with an error as it supposed to be.
    3. Unmount the FS.
    [root@mybad /]# umount /diskpart8

    4. Do a FSCK on the volume.
    [root@mybad /]# e2fsck -f /dev/Rahul/Rahulkalv

    5. Now do the resize.
    [root@mybad /]# resize2fs /dev/Rahul/Rahulkalv 1G

    6. Now do the LV reduce to 1 G.

    [root@mybad /]# lvreduce -L -100M /dev/Rahul/Rahulkalv

    7. Now you can mount and check

    [root@mybad /]# mount -t ext3 /dev/Rahul/Rahulkalv /diskpart8/
    [root@mybad /]# df -h /diskpart8/

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