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    GAB Driver And VCS Seeding

    The /etc/gabtab file will contain the number of nodes defined in the cluster. During an initial build, the cluster won't fully start until all nodes are seen. The gabtab is in the following format:

     /sbin/gabconfig -c -n2
    Where -n2 specifies there are 2 nodes required to "seed" the cluster. That number should reflect the actual number of nodes in the cluster. Once that number of nodes is seen, the "Port a" membership is established. Running gabconfig -a | grep "Port a" will show the current membership ID and count for the Port a membership. This check is in place to prevent split-brain conditions and the resulting data corruption that occurs if the cluster starts two or more mini-clusters and related resources.
    If you are certain that no split-brain condition is happening, gabconfig -cx can be used to manually bypass the protection.

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