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    Printer Administartion in Unix

    Q. Procedure_to_remove_a_printer_restart_LP?
    1. Check the Print queue Name Which needs to be removed from the File.
    2. Remove the print Queue on server.
    lpadmin -x <Print Queue Name>
    3. Restart the Print Schduler
    4.Check if there is any more lpsced Process are running, If yes manually kill them, then
    5. Check that if Print scheduler is working fine.
    /usr/bin/lpstat -r
    6. After that check if the lpstat -o all commands are running fine on all the on prdsrve/f/g/h.
    7. If it still not working , Please restart the LP service on all Nodes .
    /etc/init.d/lp stop
    /etc/init.d/lp start
    8. Follow the step 5 and 6.

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