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    Few User Admin related Questions

    Q.1) How to delete a User ID and Password in Solaris ?
    userdel <username>
    Q.2) How to disable USER ID and Password in Solaris ?
    passwd -l <Username> And for unlocking the account, passwd -u <user-name> 

    Q.3) How to Reset Password IN Solaris for a User ?
    passwd <username>

    Q.4) Detail info regarding users.

     logins -xml <login name>

    Q.5) Need to check password status.

      passwd -s username;

       LK : lock

       NP : No Password

       PS : Password Set

    Q.6) Unlock a locked user?

    Server$ passwd -u user
    passwd: password information changed for user

    Q.7) From which file the default parameter has been picked up by the useradd command.


    Q.8) What is the deamon for Openldap server.


    Q.9) How to restart slapd service in RHEL7?

    systemctl restart slapd 

    Q.10) Which file defines in which order the system will fetch user information?


    Q.11) Print user's password related information?

    chage -l <username>


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