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    I need to work with a resource inside a Service Group, but I don't want to cause the Group to fault. What do I need to do?

    You should first make the resource non-critical. 
    hares -modify {resource name} Critical value to 0 

    By making the resource non-critical, VCS will not offline the Group if it thinks this resource faulted. You must also make any Parents of this resource non-critical. 

    Run this to check if there are any parents for this resource: hares -dep

    If you don't want VCS to monitor your resource, you can disable monitoring by doing this: hares -modify {resource name} Enabled 0 

    This prevents VCS from monitoring the state of this resource, so it won't fault the Group no matter what you do to the resource, even if it has Critical=1. If the Group is in production, you might want to freeze the Group just to be safe.

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