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    I just added a DiskGroup to VCS, and VCS offlined everything. Why?

    The diskgroup you added was probably already imported manually or through VMSA, and without the "-t" option. 
    vxdg import {disk group} VCS imports diskgroups using "-t", which sets the diskgroup's noautoimport flag to "on". 
    vxdg -t import {disk group} So, when you added the diskgroup to VCS, VCS detected the new diskgroup was imported outside of VCS because the noautoimport flag was set to "off". This is considered a violation, and the DiskGroup Agent monitor script will then offline the entire Service Group. This is a precaution to prevent split brain

    You can see a diskgroup's noautoimport flag by doing: vxprint -at {disk group} If you've imported a new diskgroup, and have not yet added it to VCS, you can deport the diskgroup first, and then add it to VCS. You do not need to import a diskgroup to add it to VCS.

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