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    How do I start VCS when one node is down?

    Normally, VCS has to seed all the nodes in your cluster before becoming fully operational. VCS may actually startup, but none of the commands will work. If one of your nodes is down, and you need to start VCS on the other nodes, then you must manually seed the other node(s). 

    Run this command on each node that is up:
     /sbin/gabconfig -cx VCS should then be starting up.

    You may have to online some Service Groups manually:
     hagrp -online {Service Group} -sys {hostname} 

    If the gabconfig command doesn't work, reconfigure GAB and LLT and try again.

     Do the following on *both* nodes:

     1) Make sure had and hashadow are not in the process table. Check "ps -ef" and kill them if you have to.
    2) /sbin/gabconfig -U 
    3) /sbin/lltconfig -U (answer yes) 
    4) /sbin/lltconfig -c 
    5) /sbin/gabconfig -cx
    6) hastart VCS should then startup on each node that is up.

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