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    How can I shutdown VCS without shutting down my applications?

    Use the "hastop -force" option. 
    (1) hastop -all -force (shuts down VCS on all nodes) (2) hastop -local -force (shuts down VCS on the local node only)
     WARNING: Always make the cluster read-only before doing a force shutdown. haconf -dump -makero 
    If you force stop a cluster while it is in read-write mode, you will get a stale configuration error upon VCS restart. 

    To see if your cluster is in read-only mode, run "haclus -display". The "ReadOnly" attribute should have a value of 1. If not, then run "haconf -dump -makero" to make it read-only.

     If you start VCS and get a stale configuration error, you have mainly 2 choices. 

    (1) Run "hastop -all -force", check main.cf on your nodes for any inconsistencies, remove any .stale files in /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/, and restart VCS. If you see no .stale files, then your main.cf's might have a syntax error. Execute this command to see where the syntax errors are: 
    cd /etc/VRTSvcs/conf/config/ hacf -verify . 

    (2) Continue to start VCS by running "hasys -force {hostname}". Pick the hostname of the machine you want VCS to load the main.cf from. Usually you would choose the 2nd option if the cluster is not in production or if you're confident the main.cf on the specified machine is good enough.

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