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    How to Print Bold Text in Python


    The simple-colors package in Python is a utility that allows you to print colored and styled text to the terminal. We can use the simple-colors package to print bold text in Python.

    First, we need to install the package by running the following command. If you have not installed it, then the code will not work properly.

    pip install simple_colors

    Example Code:

    from simple_colors import *
    # Print matching tables
    print(green('\n Matching Rows:', 'bold'))

    # Print matching tables
    print(red('\n Not Matching Rows:', 'bold'))
    for table in not_matching_tables_usage:

    In this code, we utilize the simple_colors package to print styled text in the terminal. By importing the * wildcard, we gain access to all color and style functions provided by the package.

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