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    How to delete a Pull Request (PR) in bitbucket

     You cannot delete the PR in bitbucket.org . Using Decline option will do the similar job. 

    Let's see how to do that. 

    1. Click the Pull Requests tab
    2. Find the pull request you want to delete
    3. Click the More options button
    4. Select Decline from the dropdown menu
    5. A confirmation window will appear
    6. Click the Decline button in the top left of the page
    7. Add comments before or after declining


    Once a pull request is declined, it won't be visible in the Pull Requests tab. However, you can see it by sorting PR by Decline. You can also see that the pull request has been removed in the Pull request column of the Branches tab.

    Comments and tasks are preserved after a pull request is declined. No one can reopen a declined pull request. To merge the branch, someone will need to open a new pull request from the same branch.  

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