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    Solved: sitemap.xml couldn't fetch; sitemap could not be read

    Solved: sitemap.xml couldn't fetch; sitemap could not be read 

    It won't function if your blog or website is brand-new and has fewer than 30 published posts or articles. In this case, you can't upload a sitemap.xml to Google Search Console. There will be two mistakes. Google first couldn't fetch(unable to download) your sitemap. The sitemap could not be read is the second issue. All you need to do to fix this mistake is change the sitemap type you are submitting. And today, that's what we're going to do.

    Submit your first sitemap in the Google Search Console

    1. Log in to Google Search Console and select Sitemaps from the Indexing menu. As you can see, the sitemap.xml for https://travelin.info couldn't be fetched. Simply click Couldn't fetch.


    2. You can find the reason Google was couldn't fetch your sitemap inside your sitemap. It's because the sitemap could not be read.

    3. On the same screen, select OPEN SITEMAP by clicking the three dots. Click Remove sitemap after that.


    4. You will be prompted to confirm your desire to delete your sitemap.xml. Simply click REMOVE to confirm.


    5. Return to Add a new sitemap now. Type in the new sitemap URL. But enter atom.xml rather than sitemap.xml. To send your sitemap, click the Submit button.


    6. A notice stating that the sitemap was successfully submitted will then appear. Google will review it and check for modifications on a regular basis. If something goes wrong with it later, you'll be informed. Simply click Got it to move forward.

    7. And that's all there is. Your sitemap's status has changed from "Couldn't fetch" to "Success." 


    The limit for an Atom.xml sitemap is 30 posts or articles.  You should try submitting the sitemap.xml whenever you have more than 30 posts.

    Please post a comment below if you have any questions.

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