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    OCI Compute Instance Unresponsive: Unable To Reboot Or Stop Instance

     I have came across an issue that OCI compute will not start after a stop. Whenever you try to start to it it will throw an error saying "Unable to start instance: instance <Instance OCID > is currently being modified, try again later". 

    Checking the services I got to know that this could be due to of degraded hypervisor. This solution could be useful for different  symptoms as well :

    1. instance suddenly stopped responding to all network connectivity

    2. compute instances will not completely boot after manually clicking reboot from the OCI console.

    3. After Stopping the instance it never completes a stop.


    OCI Compute Instance Unresponsive: Unable To Reboot Or Stop Instance


    1. Terminate this instance while preserving the boot volume and redeploy it using the existing boot volume.

    Please do NOT check the option to permanently delete the attached boot volume.

    Ensure the box for "Permanently delete the attached Boot Volume" remains unchecked.

    Without boot volume delete

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    2. Create a new instance using the previous instance boot volume using the steps here:

    a. Go to Block Storage

    b. Click on Boot Volumes.

    c. Make sure the boot volume is available and not attached to any instance.

    boot volume available

    d. Click on the create instance then choose the the instance name and compartment name 

    e. Then choose the placement for your instance 

    f. Then image should be the boot volume that we have saved from the earlier compute

    g. Then you can choose the Shape and networking according to your requirement after that click on create to create your instance

    Create Instance

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