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    How To Increase Service Limit in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

     How To Increase Service Limit in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

    When you create a tenancy you have default Service Limits. which means you cannot create resources beyond their limitation and you will get the Error When doing so.

    How To Increase Service Limit in Oracle Cloud (OCI)

    How To Increase the Service limit? 

    A request to increase your service limits can be submitted within the Console. If a resource has to be created for which the limit has been met, a prompt will be shown to submit a limit increase request. Additionally, you can launch the request from the service limits page any time by clicking the link under the Help menu. 

    1. Click on the Help menu, under Support and click Request service limit increase

    Request service limit increase


    2. You can increase It from Governance -->  Limits,Quata and Usage Menu.

    3. Enter the following details: 

    • In the Primary Contact details fields, enter your name and email address of the person making the request. A confirmation mail will be sent to the mentioned email address.
    • In the Service Category field, select a suitable category for your request.
    • In the Resource field, select an appropriate resource.
    • Depending on the resource you select, additional fields might display more specific information.
    • In the Reason for Request field, specify a reason for your request.

     4. Click on Create Request

    After you click on Create Request, the request is reviewed. If your request is processed, a confirmation email is sent to the address provided in the primary contact details.

    Create Request in oci

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