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    How Install CentOS 7 in Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager

    Step 1:

    Download the Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager. 


    Step 2:

    Run the exe file after its Downloaded.

    Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager Install

    Step 3:

    Once the Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager Installed , open the Oracle VM Virtualbox Manager and Click on New.

    Step 4:

    Give the the name as "zabbixserver" and Choose the Location and Other Options as given and Click on Next.

    Step 5:

    Choose the RAM Size and click on Next

    Step 6:

    Choose to create the Virtual Disk and Click on Create.

    Step 7:

    Choose the Hard Disk Type as given.

    Step 8:

    Choose the Storage Type as given and click Next.

    Step 9:

    Choose the Hard disk Location and Size  as given and click Create.

    Step 10:

    Now the Virtual Machine "zabbixserver" has been created.

    Step 11:

    Now go to Settings --> Storage. Select the Empty in the Controller --> IDE section. Now select CentOS ISO Under the Optical Drive.

    Step 12:

    Now go to Settings --> Network. Select the Bridged Adapter as given and click OK.

    Step 13:

    Now click on Start and select startup Disk as CentOS 7 and Click on Start.

    Step 14:

    Now Choose Install CentOS 7.

    Step 15:

    Now Choose Select Language as English and click on Continue.

    Step 16:

    Now Choose the Timezone and click on Done.

    Step 17:

    Now Click on the Installation Destination and click on Done in the Next screen.

    Step 18:

    Now Click on Begin Installation to start the Installation.

    Step 19:

    Now Create a Root Password and an user By Clicking On them.

    Step 20:
    Now Create a Root Password and an user By Clicking On them and double click on Done.
    Step 21:
    Once the Installation Is done Click on Reboot.

    Step 22:

    Once the Server is UP log in with your root User name and Password.

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