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    How to use Github Desktop with Gitlab Repository

    Github Desktop

    GitHub Desktop is a fast and easy way to contribute to projects from Windows and OS X, whether you are a seasoned user or new user, GitHub Desktop is designed to simplify all processes and workflow in your GitHub.

    So Lets start integrating Gitlab with Github Desktop. 

    1. Download GitHub Desktop here
    2. Go to your Gitlab repo.
    3. Click on your profile on right hand side and Click on "Settings"


    4. After clicking on settings,  Click on Access Tokens.
    5. Click on "Create Personal access Token" After filling up Following Information

    a. Name
    b. Expires at
    c. Scope as "api"

    6. Copy your new access token and store it somewhere as we’ll use it later.
    7. Go  to your repository and select https and copy the link

    8. open GitHub Desktop from the file bar, select clone repository.
    9. In the Pop-up Window,  select URL and place the https link we copied from gitlab inside the URL field and select the destination folder.
    10. After filling all those fields, select clone.
    11. While cloning, it would pop up a Window titled as authentication failedyou would then be required to put in your username and personal access token we created before.
    12. After that click on "Save and retry" to start Cloning.

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    1. Thanks for the above resolution. it worked. :)