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    Create and Manage Users in Jenkins

    Create and Manage Users in Jenkins

    In General there are multiple separate teams/Individuals to run and manage jobs in Jenkins. By default, when you create a user in Jenkins, it can access almost everything. In this, you can create multiple users but can only assign the same global roles and privileges to them. This is not an ideal situation.

    To enable you to assign  privileges to different users in Jenkins, you can use  Matrix-based security.

    Enable  Matrix-based security on Jenkins

    Step 1: Go to the 'Manage Jenkins' and then click on 'Configure Global Security'.

    When you click the Configure Global Security option then you will see the following page:


    Step 2: On the Security Realm section, select 'jenkins' own user database'.

    On Authorization section, select ' Matrix-based security'.

    Creating User on Jenkins
    Step 1: Now it's time to setup your users in the system. When you go to manage Jenkins and scroll down, you will see the 'Manage Users' option. Click on this option.

    To create another user click on 'Create User' option on the left hand side of the Manage Users page. Then Click on Create User button.

    Managing User Permissions on Jenkins
    Step 1Click on Manage JenkinsSelect 'Configure Global Security'. And the click on "Add user or group" button and Puch-in your User Name and select OK.

    Step 2 :Then assign Permissions.

    Then Click on Apply and Save button to make the permission effective.

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