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    Azure: Upgrade an AKS Cluster in 4 steps

    Upgrade an AKS Cluster in 4 steps

    Azure AKS

    In this article we'll learn How to upgrade an AKS cluster. AKS is the managed Kubernetes service provide by Microsoft Azure. As we all Know the  Kubernetes is an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management. It was originally designed by Google and is now maintained by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Microsoft has build a wrapper around it and providing ot as a managed service. As this in cloud we do not need to invest in the upfront capex for building a service. So its going to be cheap. We'll create a AKS cluster and use it for our task and delete it when we are done. It'll charge us on pay as you go basis. 

    Kubernetes cluster architecture
    A Kubernetes cluster is divided into two components:

    • Control plane nodes provide the core Kubernetes services and orchestration of application workloads.
    • Nodes run your application workloads.

    Kubernetes control plane and node components
    Azure AKS Architecture

    We'll be upgrading both Control Plane nodes and worker nodes. As I've said before its a 4 steps process. Let Do that :

    N.B: The process will take maximum of 10 minutes for each node. As we have 2 nodes in our cluster, it'll take maximum of 20 minutes for us.

    Step 1. Check the Current Cluster Version

    az aks show --resource-group azure-aks-rg --name testing-aks-cluster --output table

    Step 2. Check what version are available for upgrade. You can either update to 1.16.8 or 1.16.9

    az aks get-upgrades --resource-group azure-aks-rg --name testing-aks-cluster --output table

    Step 3: Now Upgrade the Cluster to version 1.16.8.

    az aks upgrade --resource-group azure-aks-rg --name testing-aks-cluster --kubernetes-version 1.16.8

    Upgrade AKS

    Step 4: Check the  Cluster Version to confirm that it is upgrade successfully.
    az aks show --resource-group azure-aks-rg --name testing-aks-cluster --output table
    Upgrade an AKS Cluster

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