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    How to Install jBPM

    How to Install jBPM


    jBPM is an open-source workflow engine written in Java that can execute business processes described in BPMN 2.0. jBPM is a toolkit for building business applications to help automate business processes and decisions. jBPM originates from BPM (Business Process Management) but it has evolved to enable users to pick their own path in business automation. It provides various capabilities that simplify and externalize business logic into reusable assets such as cases, processes, decision tables and more.

    The jBPM installation is fairly a straight forward process.  

    1. Download and unzip it.
    unzip jbpm-server-7.38.0.Final-dist.zip
    2. On Linux/Mac, run 

    3. On Windows, run 


    4. Open browser and go to


    If you want to bind it to a particular address please follow this article.

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