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    How to Archive OR Delete a Slack channel?

    How to Archive OR Delete a Slack channel?

    Slack, the go-to communication platform for thousands of organizations around the globe. It Consists of multiple workspace where people join to communicate and stay productive. So that Implies if you have a large Organization, then you might have to maintain multiple work-spaces and channels therefore. To make it clutter free you may need to delete the non-required channels. Let's take a look that how to Archive  OR Delete a channel.


    Workspace owners and admins can delete any channel that they've joined, except for the #general channel.


    1. From Slack App, open the channel that you want to delete. You must join the channel if you haven't already.
    2. Click  Details in the top right.

    3. Click  More, then "Additional options".

    4. Click on "Archive this Channel" to archive it.

    5. Select "Delete this channel" to delete it.

    6. Tick the box next to Yes, permanently delete this channel, then click Delete channel.

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