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    How to Install Azure CLI on Windows

    How to Install Azure CLI on Windows

    Azure CLI

     Azure CLI is installed via an MSI, which gives you access to the CLI through the Windows Command Prompt (CMD) or PowerShell. The current version of the Azure CLI is 2.3.1.

     Install Azure CLI

     MSI Method: 

     The MSI distributable is used for installing or updating the Azure CLI on Windows. You can download the MSI here.

    Azure CLI Install

    When the installer asks if it can make changes to your computer, click the "Yes" box.

     PowerShell Method:

      You can also install the Azure CLI using PowerShell. Start PowerShell as administrator and run the following command:

     Invoke-WebRequest -Uri https://aka.ms/installazurecliwindows -OutFile .\AzureCLI.msi; Start-Process msiexec.exe -Wait -ArgumentList '/I AzureCLI.msi /quiet'; rm .\AzureCLI.msi

    Azure CLI  Powershell

    You can now run the Azure CLI with the az command from either Windows Command Prompt or PowerShell. PowerShell offers some tab completion features not available from Windows Command Prompt. To sign in, run the az login command.

    Check the Azure CLI Version:

    az --version

    1. Run the login command.

    az login

    The CLI will open your default browser and load an Azure sign-in page.

    Otherwise, open a browser page at https://aka.ms/devicelogin and enter the authorization code displayed in your terminal.

    2. Sign in with your account credentials in the browser.

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