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    How to download ISO images of AIX install media

    How to download ISO images of AIX install media

    To download ISO images of installation CDs for a given software product, you will need:
    • An IBM ID. Registering for an IBM ID is quick and easy.
    • The IBM customer number under which the software was ordered.
    • One of the following:
      1. IBM machine serial number on which the software is entitled. If you are uncertain of the machine type-model of a server on which AIX is already running in your environment, issue the commands lsconf | head and look for the System Model: and Machine Serial Number: fields. Note: Registering with a serial number provides access only to entitled software download. It will not be possible to order media.
      2. IBM system number (from software packing list)
      3. IBM order number (from software packing list)
      4. Custom SWMA (SoftWare Maintenance Agreement) contract number
    If you no longer have the information above, your IBM or Business Partner Power Systems sales representative should be able to provide it to you when given the machine type-model and serial number on which the software is licensed.
    Once you have the information above:
    1. Point a browser at the Entitled Software Support (ESS) web site.
    2. Sign in with your IBM ID (see above).
    3. Once logged in, click on the My entitled software link (on the left side of the web page). On the My entitled software web page, note the drop down menu under Brand selection (in the upper right corner of the web page). If Power (IBM i)Power (AIX)Storage is not selected (the default selection is Power (IBM i)), then select Power (AIX) and click the Missing image arrow.
    4. Then, click on the Register IBM customer number link (on the left side of the web page), enter a Power Systems server serial number or your customer number, then click the Submit button. When attempting to register a US customer number ignore the instruction to (include country code) and enter the customer number with no country code.
    5. Once a customer number or server has been registered, click the Software downloads link (on the left side of the web page).
    6. Select a customer number (preceded by a prefix such as 892) which has been registered and click the Missing image arrow.
    7. On the Select product web page which appears, select 5765-G62     AIX V6.1 to download installation images for the latest AIX V6.1 Technology Level and Expansion Pack, the latest Mozilla Firefox for AIX, and AIX Toolbox for Linux applications and source code. Then, click the Continue button.
    8. On the Product download package selection web page, check the box to the left of the installation image(s) you want to download then click the Continue button.
    9. On the Terms and conditions web page, if you agree with the terms and conditions then click the I agree button.
    10. On the Start download web page, click on the Click here to use HTTP. link (at the bottom of the web page) to download using HTTP or click the Download now button to download using the IBM Download Director.

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