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    How to Add a Host in Zabbix Server

    How to Add a Host in Zabbix Server

    Zabbix server contain lots of predefined templates which we can easily be used with your hosts. As you are on this page, you may have already configured Zabbix server on your server and Zabbix client on remote systems.

    Install Steps on CentOS, RedHat – Zabbix Server and Zabbix Agent

    We are going to add the host manually. Follow the below steps to add your host which is running with the Linux operating system.

    Adding New Linux Host in Zabbix

    Login to your Zabbix GUI interface using the admin account. Then follow the steps given below :

    Click on Configuration Menu --> Hosts --> Click on Create Host button

    Now fill the following details of the remote host and then go to Templates tab.

    Hostname: Enter hostname of the system to be monitored
    Visible name: Name to be display in zabbix
    Group: Select the desired group for you host
    Agent interface: Fill the info of Zabbix agent running on host
    Enabled: Check for Enabling host monitoring


    Click on Template : Select and Link to a Template
    Click on add link and  Click on add button to add the  hosts.

    zabbix template

    Cheers! You have added new host system to Zabbix server for the monitoring. Repeat the same process for adding more hosts.

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