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    How to add a quorum disk in Solaris Cluster?

    How to add a quorum disk in Solaris Cluster? 

    solaris quorum

    1. Run scsetup.
    2. Choose Add a quorum disk.
    3. Do you want to add any quorum disks (yes/no) [yes]?
    Dual-ported SCSI-2 disks may be used as quorum devices in two-node
    clusters. However, clusters with more than two nodes require that
    SCSI-3 PGR disks be used for all disks with more than two
    node-to-disk paths. You can use a disk containing user data or one
    that is a member of a device group as a quorum device.
    Each quorum disk must be connected to at least two nodes. Please
    refer to the Sun Cluster documentation for more information on
    supported quorum device topologies.
    4. Choose the global device you want to use.
    Which global device do you want to use (d<N>)? <Type in the Global device>
    5. Is it okay to proceed with the update (yes/no) [yes]? -- Click in Yes
    scconf -a -q globaldev=d5

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