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    Several ways to restore Whatsapp Messages from Local Backup?

    Several ways to restore Whatsapp Messages from Local Backup? 

    WhatsApp automatically picks up the local Files and checks on Google drive if there's a recent backup. If there are no files it will continue with the restore From local.  If there are recent backups on Google drive WhatsApp will automatically restore them. So You don't need to do anything. But the situation is not always rosy. There Could be situation where whatsapp could not detect the Local Backup. To force WhatsApp to check for Local backup we have few ways. I've tried to list them:

    You can find the WhatsApp backup files from /sdcard/WhatsApp/Databases

    Way 1: 

    1. Open google drive.
    2. Go to setting at the top right corner of the google drive page 
    3. Under setting, Click on Manage Apps and Scroll down to WhatsApp Messenger.
    4. Click On the option tab in the right and Choose Disconnect from Drive.
    5. Now install Whatsapp. It'll check for Local Backup File. 
    6. It will ask to restore from the Local backup.


    1. While Installing whatsapp it asks to Confirm your mobile number by verifying received OTP.
    2. Verify Two-step Authentication, if set previously or Skip.
    3. Now close data connection.
    4. WhatsApp will check for Google Drive first, once it timed-out whatsapp will ask you to skip the backup restore process. Click on Skip.
    5. Then a pop-up message will be displayed, click on skip again.
    6. Then it will search your local memory for recent backup (msgstore.db.crypt12) file, and ask to restore the local backup.

    "WhatsApp will have 7 days backup. The Lastest backup file Name will look like this "msgstore.db.crypt12". If you want to restore data for any other day then rename that file from “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12” to “msgstore.db.crypt12”."

    After this step click on restore and turn on your data connection.

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