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    How to Change Docker Logging Driver from journald to json-file

    How to Change Docker Logging Driver from journald to json-file in centOS/RHEL ?


    1. Check the current Docker Logging Driver.
    [root@centos ~]# docker info --format '{{.LoggingDriver}}'
    [root@centos ~]#
    2. Check the Daemon.json File.
    [root@centos ~]# cat /etc/docker/daemon.json
    [root@centos ~]#

    3. Check the docker file Inside "/etc/sysconfig" and chage the Log Driver option.
    [root@centos ~]# cat /etc/sysconfig/docker.rpmsave
    # /etc/sysconfig/docker
    # Modify these options if you want to change the way the docker daemon runs
    OPTIONS='--selinux-enabled --log-driver=json-file --signature-verification=false'
    #OPTIONS='--selinux-enabled --signature-verification=false'
    if [ -z "${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}" ]; then

    4. Change the option in "--log-driver=json-file" in the File.
    5. Do the Daemon Reload.
    systemctl daemon-reload
    6. Restart the Docker Service.
    systemctl restart docker

    7. If you get API connection refused Error, then do the server reboot.
    8. Now Check the Docker logging Driver to see if the Changes has been Updated.
    [root@centos ~]# docker info --format '{{.LoggingDriver}}'
    [root@centos ~]#

    To Check what is the Logging Driver a Particular Container is using?

    To find the current logging driver for a running container, if the daemon is using the json-file logging driver, run the following docker inspect command, substituting the container name or ID for <CONTAINER>:

    $ docker inspect -f '{{.HostConfig.LogConfig.Type}}' <CONTAINER>
    [root@centos ~]# docker inspect -f '{{.HostConfig.LogConfig.Type}}' 9a3dfda01636
    [root@centos ~]#

    Supported logging drivers

    The following logging drivers are supported. 
    Driver      Description
    none      No logs are available for the container and docker logs does not return any output.
    json-file The logs are formatted as JSON. The default logging driver for Docker.
    local      Writes logs messages to local filesystem in binary files using Protobuf.
    syslog      Writes logging messages to the syslog facility. The syslog daemon must be running on the host machine.
    journald Writes log messages to journald. The journald daemon must be running on the host machine.
    gelf      Writes log messages to a Graylog Extended Log Format (GELF) endpoint such as Graylog or Logstash.
    fluentd      Writes log messages to fluentd (forward input). The fluentd daemon must be running on the host machine.
    awslogs      Writes log messages to Amazon CloudWatch Logs.
    splunk      Writes log messages to splunk using the HTTP Event Collector.
    etwlogs      Writes log messages as Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) events. Only available on Windows platforms.
    gcplogs      Writes log messages to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Logging.
    logentries Writes log messages to Rapid7 Logentries.

    Limitations of logging drivers:

    The docker logs command is not available for drivers other than json-file and journald.

    Reference for this document is taken from Docker official website

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