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    -bash: nslookup: command not found in rhel, centos and Ubuntu

    [root@monitor ~]# nslookup <FQDN>
    -bash: nslookup: command not found


    The Linux Install did not come with bind-utils pacakge, Which needs to be install in order to use nslookup. You can install bind-utils with following procedure.

    Login as root.

    yum install bind-utils -y

    You can search for what package provides a command using the yum provides command:

    yum provides '*bin/nslookup'

    How to install dig, nslookup commands in Debian based server?
    In Ubuntu the package is  “dnsutils

    You can Search it as well:
    root@ubuntu:~# apt-cache search nslookup
    dnsutils - Clients provided with BIND


    root@ubuntu:~# apt-get update
    root@ubuntu:~# apt-get install dnsutils -y

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