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    How to add your website to Yandex Webmaster tool

    Why Yandex?
    Yandex is the largest Search Engine in Russia. Having majority of the market share. The webmaster will allow you to submit your site to yandex search engine. This tool supports English, Hence its easy to use.

    You need to Register your account first and then you'll be able to login to the webmaster.   You can use your social accounts like Facebook/Google/twitter to login as well.
    After you Login to the Web Master tool, First thing you have to do is to add your website and sitemap submission.

    Add a website:
    Click on the + button on the left side of the web page and Enter your website address. Then Click on the ADD button to add the Website.

    Add a Sitemap:
    1. Go to Indexing --> Sitemap Files
    2. Then Put your Sitemap path  there and Click on ADD button.
    Go to Summary page for lot of snippet of Information about Crawl Statistics, Search traffic, Site Problems etc.

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