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    How to Upgrade Firmware in Dell iDRAC7

    1. Download the Firmware from Dell Website.

    2.  Download Following Firmware.

    File format:Update Package for Microsoft® Windows® 64-Bit.
    File name:ESM_Firmware_3F4WV_WN64_1.66.65_A00.EXE
    Download type:HTTP
    File size:77 MB
    Format description:Dell Update Updates in native 64-bit Microsoft Windows format do not require Microsoft WOW64 software installed on Microsoft Windows Server. 

    3. Goto iDRAC Settings --> Update & Rollback

    Idrac 1

    4. Browse and select the Downloaded Firmware.

    5. Now upload the Firmware.

    6. Once the Firmware has been uploaded , select it and install it.

    7. Now Check the status in Job Queue.
    idrac 3

    8. Once the installation Completed , the iDRAC will reboot.

    9. Now login into another browser session and check the Newly installed firmware version.
    idrac 2

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