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    zabbix -- Delaying sending alert e-mails?

    zabbix 3.2 -- Delaying  sending alert e-mails?


    Alerts are delayed from Zabbix. it was arround 30 mins late arriving to the Admin's Inbox.
    While Checking in the zabbix found that the E-mail is being processed and it was stuck their
    for 29 mins. Then try sending the e-mail from zabbix server from command prompt. it was stucking
    aswell. Then installe postfix (MTA) and configure it and started. Then the mail started to flow.
    That get down the delay interval to 13 min.

    Install postfix
    #yum install postfix -y

    enable the service
    #systemctl enable postfix.service

    Start the service
    #/bin/systemctl start  postfix.service

    Check the Status of the service
    #/bin/systemctl status  postfix.service

    In the Zabbix Dashboard go to Administration --> Media types --> Email
    then put the Correct SMTP Server Name, SMTP server port and Sender E-mail id.
    then Click on Update.
    zabbix -- Delaying  sending alert e-mails

    Now Fire a Trigger and Check how things are working.


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