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    Windows 7 C:\ is used too Much Space !!!!!

    Ever Wondered why your Windows 7 C:\ is taking too much space and you do not have any clue about it. Let's check out Possible causes.

    To troubleshoot first download WinDirStat.

    1. Install and Run the WinDirStat. It'll ask you to choose which Drive you want to Check or all Drive. Choose C:/. Then it'll take few Minutes to Check your Drive and present analysis.

    2. Right top box will show Color coding.
    3. Down Pane will visualize the space occupancy in figure.
    4.  Top Pane will show Percentage and Size of the  Folder.

    5.  Now expand by clicking the Plus sign of any folder to see files.
    6. Now Check C:\Windows\Logs\CBS , you can safely delete those files.
    7. You can Choose Files, you'll see Hiberfil & pagefile system files. You can Disable hibernation if you do not use it. You can decrease page file size also.

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