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    How to Configure phpMyadmin on a Virtual host?

    How to Configure phpMyadmin on a Virtual host?

    1. Install epel rpm for epel repo as per your version.

    2. Install php,phpMyAdmin,php-fpm & httpd

    yum install -y php phpMyAdmin php-fpm httpd

    3. Start the Serveices and configure them to start at boot.
    chkconfig httpd on
    chkconfig php-fpm on
    service httpd start
    service php-fpm start

    4. Edit the config file and enter following value:
    vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf
    Listen Listen
        ServerAdmin webmaster@example.com
        DocumentRoot /usr/share/phpMyAdmin
        ServerName example.com
        ErrorLog logs/example.com_phpmyadmin-error_log
        CustomLog logs/example.com_phpmyadmin-access_log common

    5. Check the Config file syntax.
     apachectl configtest

    6. Restart the services.

    service httpd restart
    service php-fpm restart

    7. Check the phpMyAdmin Site Now.

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