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    GrayLog .. How to get it working for you

    GrayLog .. How to get it working for you.

    1.       Needlessly to say, install the applications. You can get the binary from https://www.graylog.org/.
    2.       Before you proceed you need to install the per-requisites.
    3.       The per-requisites are OS, Elasticsearch 1.x, MongoDB (latest), Oracle Java SE 7.
    4.       Before Graylog2 we have 4 components of a Graylog Server. But with graylog2, graylog has merged graylog-server and graylog-web together.
    5.       I’ve configured the graylog 1.x, so the components are graylog-web-1.3.4, graylog-server-1.3.4, elasticsearch-1.7.5, mongodb-enterprise-server-3.2.5.
    6.       Elasticserach 2.x is not yet supported by Graylog.
    7.       Once you have installed them, you are almost done with default config. You can run the graylog server now.  http://x.x.x.x:9000 X denotes your graylog server ip.

    8.       You can access the server with admin account.
    9.       By default the server will be configured with http, if you want it to access with https you need to configure the  server.conf file.

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