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    How to start GrayLog Server

     How to start GrayLog Server ?

    One of my GrayLog Web server is down this Morning. While checking I found following Log in my gray log Log file.


    java.lang.IllegalStateException: Expected to be healthy after starting. The following services are not running: {STARTING=[RestApiService [STARTING]], FAILED=[IndexerSetupService [FAILED]]}

    This log refers to a situation that, your graylog application is not able to connect the mongoDB or the ElasticSearch.

    Then I restarted the service in this order.

    1.  /etc/init.d/mongod stop, /etc/init.d/mongod start
    2.  /etc/init.d/elasticsearch stop, /etc/init.d/elasticsearch start
    3.  /opt/graylog/bin/graylogctl stop,  /opt/graylog/bin/graylogctl start
    4.  nohup /opt/graylog-web-interface/bin/graylog-web-interface &

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