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    CHECK_NRPE: Error - Could not complete SSL handshake Address: XXXXXX

    1. Login to the Server.
    2. Check the NRPE Process Status.

     service nrpe status

    3. If it gives you following error: "nrpe dead but pid file exists" , then clean the pid file.

    [root@server1 run]# > /var/run/nrpe.pid

    4. Check nrpe is managed as a service or under xinetd service.

    chkconfig --list | grep -i nrpe

    5. If it managed as a service then you need to just start the Service.
    6. In my case it is mentioned in Both under xinetd and as a standalone service.
    7. So i need to shutdown the xinetd service as this is the only service under xinetd.

    service xinetd stop

    8. Start the nrpe service.

    service nrpe start

    9. Check the service  to be persistent across reboot.

    chkconfig nrpe on

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