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    LVM: LV's would not activate automatically on reboot. SuSE11 SP3

    I've faced this issue during one of the activity. I need to create a file system on LVM. Once I did that , I've mounted the File system as well. It goes as expected. The problem happened when i rebooted the server. The File system did not came up. 

    i  did following things to get back the File systems.

    1. vgs & lvs to get the current status of the LV and VG.

    2. I can see the LV is not active. Then i did a "vgchange -ay server"

    3. Then mounted the File systems back. but that is the workaround. I need to look for an root cause. 

    4. Hence Looking further i found  "boot.lvm" is off and enabled it.
    chkconfig boot.lvm on

    5. The i rebooted the server . On resume i found that the File systems are mounted as expected.

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